Custom dental videos

Video is a powerful, engaging medium that can work particularly well in dental marketing.

Videos on your practice website, on media, and distributed by email get your message across in a more compelling way than written content.

This is borne out by research that found more than 70 percent of consumers prefer to learn about a business or service by watching a video rather than reading about it. And by 2022, people will spend an estimated 100 minutes a day viewing online videos.

You’ve probably gathered by now that your practice needs video to connect with existing patients and gain new business. The big question is: what types of videos work best for dental offices?

To help with your video marketing efforts, we’ve compiled some ideas on video topics your practice should consider.

Patient Testimonial Videos

When patients say great things about your office in written reviews, spread the word further afield by asking them to talk on camera about their experience.

A video carries more weight than a written testimonial – it puts a face to the words, which sparks an emotional response.

Patient testimonial videos tell prospective patients why they should choose your dental services. They can also be a compelling feature of your practice website and help drive traffic to it through online searches.

Social Proof

Testimonial videos provide a form of social proof – evidence that others have found value in your practice.

A good way to demonstrate social proof is by an interviewer in the video eliciting responses to questions like:

  • What was your dental problem?
  • What convinced you treatment was necessary?
  • Why did you choose our practice?
  • What has your experience been like?
  • What have been the major benefits to your life since having treatment?
  • Was it a good investment of time and money?
  • What advice would you give others considering this treatment?

Procedural Videos

Understanding a dental procedure can make patients feel more comfortable about going ahead with it, and video provides an ideal vehicle to explain what to expect in the dental chair.

It could be as simple as seating yourself in front of the camera to talk about a specific treatment or pointing to images on a screen.

Procedural videos can have a wide application, such as on:

  • The various services pages of your website.
  • Landing pages for pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Social media, including YouTube.

A good procedural video uses terms patients can understand and explains the benefits of the treatment as well as the procedure itself.

If you have a lot to say about a particular treatment or want to delve deeper into a complex procedure, you could publish a new video installment every week or so to give your patients the opportunity to find out as much as possible.

Or maybe film certain parts of a procedure (with the patient’s permission) and then add a voiceover to explain what’s happening and why.

Meet-the-Team Videos

If you’re focusing on attracting new patients, make a video to introduce your dental team members.

You could produce a video for each of your team where they talk about:

  • Their key skills.
  • Their experience.
  • Why they love their job.
  • Their life in general, including hobbies and other interests outside work.

These videos can help persuade prospective patients to schedule an appointment because they feel they already know your practice on a personal level. In other words, it humanizes your practice by presenting your office’s story from the perspective of its employees.

If you’re looking to recruit more staff, you could create a video in which current team members talk about why your practice is a great place to work. This is good for team morale as well.

Fun Videos

Let everyone know your office likes to have fun!

Research indicates that more than 70 percent of people who watch online videos are hoping to get a laugh, so it makes sense to have humorous videos that show off your practice’s fun side.

You can post videos of events like:

  • Office Christmas parties and other celebrations.
  • A fun event your practice holds to support an annual oral health drive.
  • Team member-of-the-month award presentation.

Offices that reward young patients with a prize like a toy or new toothbrush could feature this in a video. Bear in mind, though, that to post videos including children, you must have written permission from their parents or guardians.

How-To Videos

Depending on the particular dental services your practice offers, topics for how-to videos are practically endless.

If you have a dental blog, you’ll probably have at least a few posts carrying a headline like “How to...” Turn them into videos such as:

  • How to brush and floss correctly.
  • How to clean dentures.
  • How to take care of plastic aligners.
  • How to prevent gum disease.
  • How to get your baby through teething.

Videos like these can be used to update your blog content. Then post the video on social media and link it back to your blog so viewers can learn more. Both strategies will improve search engine optimization.

Office Tour Videos

An online practice tour can help persuade potential patients to choose you over the competition and it shows them what to expect from their first visit.

It also allows you to start building trust, particularly with people who struggle with dental anxiety, who can get comfortable with the surroundings before they even walk through your practice door.

Office tour videos are also a good way of showcasing how friendly and helpful your staff are.

Statistics show benefits you can expect from a virtual office tour on your website include:

  • 157 percent increase in organic search traffic.
  • 53 times more likely to reach the first page of Google search results.

Practice Overview Videos

Practice overview videos – like a Company Profile or About Us – tell your story, explaining who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

These videos are typically concise and highlight information that’s most useful to your patients while providing a character sketch of your office.

Overview videos on your dental website help to:

  • Engage a larger audience.
  • Get a potential patient’s attention and hold it, leading to more conversions.
  • Establish trust and loyalty.

Contact DentalROI if you need more ideas on the types of videos your office should have.