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We have significantly improved the digital marketing efforts of Spokane Dental and continue to work closely with Dr. Smith and his office staff.

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

28New Page 1 Listings

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

354%Increase in Calls

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

268New Facebook Page Likes

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study
Spokane Dental Marketing Case Study

In February 2019, Smith Family Dental embarked on a bold transformation with DentalROI's Advanced Marketing Package. The practice, nestled in Spokane's bustling 546,000-strong population, lacked an online presence, with zero top-10 keyword rankings and a modest 60 monthly calls. But a full rebrand orchestrated by DentalROI, complete with a built-from-scratch social media arsenal, was about to change everything. Fast forward to January 2024: Spokane Dental, as it's now proudly known, dominates search engines with 28 top-10 keywords, while call volume has skyrocketed 354%, reaching a resounding 272 per month.

The custom dental website we created looks great on all devices; desktop, tablet, or mobile. Custom photos really helped add personality to their site!

Dental Website Case Study
Dental Marketing Case Study for Dr. Jonathan Smith

DentalROI has been an exceptional addition to our team! It’s not just a one-time set up and they are done. They are constantly updating and improving our website and presence on the internet. Now we are reaching those who may not have ever had the opportunity to hear about us. Thank you DentalROI!

Dr. Jonathan Smith DentalROI Marketing Case Study

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DentalROI's proven SEO strategy has skyrocketted Spokane Dental to 28 top-10 keywords, including "Spokane Dentist."

Dental Website Case Study
Dental Marketing Case Study for Dr. Jonathan Smith

DentalROI Transforms Spokane Dental: From Zero to Hero in Online Listings

Rebranding an established dental practice can be tough. From building your patient base to navigating the online world, the challenges can feel overwhelming. Dr. Smith of Spokane Dental (formerly Smith Family Dental) understood this all too well. That's why he partnered with DentalROI, not just for marketing, but also for a vital task often overlooked: conquering the online listings jungle.

The Challenge

Changing the name from one to another can create a nightmare of inaccurate and outdated online listings. This confusion hurts local search visibility and, consequently, new patient calls. Dr. Smith knew he needed help tackling this mess, freeing him up to focus on what matters most – patient care.

The Solution

DentalROI's expert team went to work, employing a strategic process to:

  • Identify: Run a comprehensive listings report to uncover all online mentions of Smith Family Dental and Spokane Dental, even the hidden ones.
  • Claim & Correct: Claim and update existing listings with accurate information, ensuring consistency across the web.
  • Build & Amplify: Create new listings in high-impact directories and websites, expanding Spokane Dental's online reach.

The Results

The impact was dramatic:

  1. 28 New Page One Google Listings: Spokane Dental skyrocketed to the top of search results, making them easily discoverable by potential patients.
  2. 354% Increase in Call Volume: The surge in online visibility translated into a dramatic boost in new patient inquiries.

Why DentalROI?

Because online listings are a pain. They require time, expertise, and ongoing maintenance. Dr. Smith, like many dentists, simply didn't have the resources to handle it all. DentalROI took the burden off his shoulders, allowing him to focus on what he does best.

The Takeaway:

Don't let inaccurate or incomplete online listings hold your dental practice back. Partner with DentalROI and experience the power of a comprehensive listings strategy. Just like Spokane Dental, you can achieve online dominance and watch your patient base flourish.

Dental Website Case Study

Multiply Your Online Presence:

Elevate Your Search Ranking: The Power of Listings

Imagine your dental practice popping up all over the internet – that's the power of listings! But it's not just about being seen. Each listing, even the smaller ones, acts like a vote of confidence from the web. These "inbound links" tell search engines you're the trusted choice, propelling you up the rankings and making sure new patients find you first.

A Fresh Start for Spokane Dental: DentalROI Rebrands & Ignites Online Presence

Spokane Dental wasn't starting from scratch; they were ready for a makeover. Their existing practice, formerly known as Smith Family Dental, had a loyal patient base, but their online presence wasn't reflecting their new vision. They needed a fresh start, a way to stand out in a crowded online landscape.

DentalROI understood the challenge. We knew a simple update wouldn't cut it. Spokane Dental needed a complete rebrand, a transformation that would not only revitalize their online image but also attract new patients looking for a modern, patient-centric experience.

SEO Boost

Dental Website Case Study

We didn't just build a website; we launched Spokane Dental into the online stratosphere. Our expert SEO team optimized their website and online profiles, propelling them up the search engine rankings and ensuring potential patients could find them with ease.

Search Engine Optimization

Brand New Website

Dental Website Case Study

DentalROI and Spokane Dental partnered to craft a website that's more than just a digital brochure. It's a patient-centric experience, clear and easy to navigate, showcasing Spokane Dental's state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional staff, and unwavering commitment to patient care. This website converts visitors into patients, seamlessly guiding them through appointment scheduling and treatment information.

Website Design

Authentic Social Media

Dental Website Case Study

Gone are the days of sterile dental posts. Spokane Dental, with DentalROI's guidance, now breathes life into social media. They share genuine patient stories, unveil the fun side of dentistry through behind-the-scenes glimpses, and engage in relevant conversations, building trust and fostering a community around their practice.

Social Media Management

Spokane Dental's story is a testament to the power of partnering with the right online marketing experts. DentalROI wasn't just a vendor; we became an extension of their team, working hand-in-hand to achieve their goals.

So, if your dental practice is yearning for a fresh start, don't settle for a dusty website and tired social media. Let DentalROI be your partner in transformation. We'll help you shed the old skin and shine brightly in the online world, ready to welcome new patients and unlock the full potential of your practice.

Remember, it's not just about teeth; it's about crafting an online experience that reflects your passion and expertise. And with DentalROI by your side, that dazzling smile will be seen by the world.

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