Online Reputation Management for Dentists

Online marketing for dentists is interconnected with your reviews or lack thereof and one will affect the other.

What is Online Reputation Management?

For many dental practitioners, their reputation is their most important asset in marketing. online reputation management is the process of proactively encouraging positive dental reviews online, regularly monitoring those reviews for problems, and quickly responding to problems to fix or mitigate them.

Those who do not implement dentist online reputation management risk missing the opportunity to fix or mitigate poor reviews quickly. This creates a perception of neglect or arrogance which hurts your chances to attract new patients.

All practitioners have some poor reviews. It’s OK, don’t worry, just take the appropriate action. The lack of at least one poor review may create a perception that your reviews are edited or not real. Online Reputation Management should also help you encourage more positive reviews thus diluting the negative effect of any one opinion. Online reputation management for dentists should not “game the system” but rather encourage the active and best use of that system.

72% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new dentist.

Healthgrades online marketing for dentists

Healthgrades is one of the leading online sources for information about Dental Practices. Building your review count here will increase the number of new patients you receive from Healthgrades.

Google good dentist reviews
Google Reviews

The star rating and total quantity of Google reviews your dental practice can directly improve your overall local SEO ranking. Make getting Google Reviews your top priority!

Yelp best dentist reviews
Yelp Reviews

When patients are searching on Yelp for a dentist they are looking to compare your practice to your competition. Having more reviews will increase the odds of them giving your practice a call.

Online marketing for dentists requires positive dental reviews

In today’s online marketing for dentists, good reviews are critical! They are no longer optional. If when a potential patient finds your website in the search engine results they do not see a star rating and a good number of reviews under it they may wonder if you are inexperienced or purposely hiding bad reviews. Don’t let this sabotage you! Online marketing for dentists is interconnected with your reviews or lack thereof and one will affect the other. If you are spending any money on online marketing, then make sure you have a online reputation management program in place as well!

Which website should you focus on to get good reviews for your dental practice?

Yelp? Facebook? Healthgrades? There are scores of websites dedicated to collecting good reviews…and negative ones for your practive. Which is best? The answer is whichever one currently has the most positive dental reviews for you now! Once you build up a large number of reviews on one site the star rating you have there will be immune to large changes from any one review. Once you have safely built up a large number of positive dental reviews on one site, move to the next and do the same. If you have no reviews currently (a rare thing) then start with Facebook if you are currently doing social media, or Google my business if not.

Should Online Reputation Management
Be Your Practice's Top Priority?

If you have no reviews or your reviews are below 4.0 on average, then you should consider this as a possible top priority. The answer also depends on the other dental marketing challenges your practice is currently facing but because of its impact on other online marketing for dentists, online reputation management should be a part of your plan even if it’s not currently the top priority. Ready to discover what your top marketing priority should be? Click the link below to see if social media marketing or another priority would most benefit your practice. Give us a call to discover the marketing priorities that you should focus on first for your practice.

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