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Your orthodontic practice marketing should be built on a long-term relationship with a partner you trust, who acts as an extension of your team.

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DentalROI has been specifically designed to market orthodontic practices. We help orthodontists and office managers diagnose their practices’ top marketing challenge and prescribe approaches that help them reach their goals. The results are a positive return on investment and consistent growth through new patients.  Our experts will craft a custom marketing plan to help you reach your new patient goals.  Our software will increase case acceptance and percentage of starts.

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DentalROI, they know their stuff! They live it (Orthodontic Marketing), they breath it, they do it day in and day out. They have been really great at making our website visible to our potential patients when they are looking for us online.

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Changes specific to orthodontic marketing

The orthodontic landscape has changed significantly over the past 2 decades. There has been a significant shift from the traditional dentist-based referral system to a more direct to consumer marketing approach. This shift is very beneficial for you as an orthodontist. It allows you to be more in control of the size of your practice and the number of patients that come through your doors.

What benefits do orthodontist SEO & orthodontic websites provide?

Now that direct to consumer orthodontic marketing is such a primary means of new patient acquisition, many orthodontists have been weighing the relative benefits of orthodontic websites to communicate with and educate prospective patients. For the most successful orthodontists, SEO is their primary direct to consumer way to be found. The best orthodontic website design includes SEO as a key element. Orthodontic SEO or Search Engine Optimization consists of ongoing efforts on an orthodontic website and elsewhere on the internet linking to that website that should result in steadily improving numbers of potential patients finding an orthodontic website on a search engine. The benefits of this approach are that potential patients can find you any time of the day or night, on their phone or a computer and learn about your practice and why it might be the best fit for their treatment needs.

What are the 5 Stages of Growth In Orthodontic Marketing?

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Stage 0 - Starter

Stage 0 is only when you are a STARTER, just beginning and you have not yet begun marketing your dental practice.

Stage 1 - Stuggling

Stage 1 is when you are STRUGGLING to do your own dental practice marketing and have not yet discovered what works for your practice.

Stage 2 - Stagnant

Stage 2 is where your dental practice growth is STAGNANT and new patients just cover those that are lost.

Stage 3 - Slow Growth

Stage 3 is SLOW GROWTH where you have discovered at least one dental practice marketing method that works. It may however be costly or limited in the number of new patients it can provide.

Stage 4 - Expansion

Stage 4 is EXPANSION, where you have an expert or team managing multiple dental marketing methods fueling higher growth. At this stage you may struggle with high costs and inefficiencies.

Stage 5 - Multi Practice

Stage 5 is MULTI PRACTICE where you have similar challenges a stage 4 as well as concerns how to scale your successes across multiple locations while taking into account each’s unique challenges & opportunities.

How Can I Improve My Orthodontic Marketing’s Results?

First you need to decide on your goals. For some orthodontists reaching stage 3 is their goal, while others may want to build to stage 5. How to market your practice depends upon what these goals are AND an accurate diagnosis of your primary marketing challenge. In the same way there is no one treatment that will fix all your patient’s problems, there is no one way to market an orthodontic practice. Your first step should always be to correctly diagnose your main marketing challenge. From that diagnosis an expert can prescribe the best methods to fix the challenge and get you to your goal. Give us a call to discover the marketing priorities that you should focus on first for your practice.

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