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DentalROI has turbocharged Smile Hawaii's digital marketing, skyrocketing their online presence and attracting a wave of new patients.

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

129%Increase in Page 1 Listings

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

476%Increase in Calls

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

48%Increase in Website Traffic

Smile Hawaii Marketing Case Study
Spokane Dental Marketing Case Study

Aloha Sunshine, Aloha New Patients: Smile Hawaii & DentalROI's Island Success Story

Imagine searching for "best dentist Honolulu" and overlooking a hidden gem like Smile Hawaii. That was the reality for many potential patients just over a year ago. With 7 page one rankings, Dr. Lance Ogata's expertise wasn't reaching its full potential. But then, DentalROI arrived, ready to turn the tide.

From Diamond in the Rough to Search Engine Superstar:

Fast forward 31 months, and the smile-scape has transformed. With DentalROI's strategic guidance, Smile Hawaii now basks in the sunshine of 16 page one rankings – a dazzling 129% increase! This newfound visibility isn't just a number; it's a gateway to connecting with patients actively seeking exceptional dental care in Hawaii.

The custom dental website we created looks great on all devices; desktop, tablet, or mobile. Custom photos really helped add personality to their site!

Dental Website Case Study
Dental Marketing Case Study for Dr. Lance Ogata

We have been affiliated with DentalROI for well over 5 years. In that time they have efficiently managed both our SEO and Social networking. We have monthly SEO reports, weekly briefings on upcoming social media posts and customization to add that personal touch. Patients really respond to our website, plenty new patient referrals.

We highly recommend Dental ROI.

Dr. Lance Ogata DentalROI Marketing Case Study

Dental Website Case Study

Multiply Your Online Presence:

Elevate Your Search Ranking: The Power of Listings

Imagine your dental practice popping up all over the internet – that's the power of listings! But it's not just about being seen. Each listing, even the smaller ones, acts like a vote of confidence from the web. These "inbound links" tell search engines you're the trusted choice, propelling you up the rankings and making sure new patients find you first.

A Hidden Gem No More: Smile Hawaii Shines Online with DentalROI

Imagine searching for the "best dentist in Honolulu" and missing Smile Hawaii – a treasure trove of exceptional dental care hidden in plain sight. With just 7 page one rankings in February 2022, Dr. Lance Ogata's expertise wasn't reaching its full potential. But that's where DentalROI comes in. Fast forward 31 months, and the landscape has transformed. Thanks to our strategic guidance, Smile Hawaii now basks in the sunshine of 16 page one rankings – a dazzling 129% increase! This newfound visibility isn't just a number; it's a bridge connecting them with patients actively seeking top-notch dentistry. But our efforts go beyond rankings. Website traffic has blossomed by 48%, social media buzz continues to grow, and call volume has skyrocketed by a staggering 476% – from 25 in January 2023 to a remarkable 144 in January 2024. More than just statistics, Smile Hawaii fosters genuine connections through social media, showcasing smile transformations, patient stories, and a friendly team atmosphere. It's a winning formula that builds trust, attracts new patients, and reminds everyone that a beautiful smile is a gateway to confidence and well-being. Welcome to the sunshine era of Smile Hawaii – and it all started with DentalROI!

Beyond Rankings: Where Sunshine Meets Traffic

Dental Website Case Study

DentalROI didn't just optimize keywords. We focused on driving real results. Website traffic, like the gentle island breeze, grew steadily, soaring from 278 in February 2022 to 410 in March 2023 – a refreshing 48% increase! More website visitors translated to more potential smiles, reflected in the growing buzz on social media. Smile Hawaii's Instagram following blossomed from 588 in December 2022 to 657 in January 2024, building a vibrant online community around their practice.

Search Engine Optimization

Smiling All the Way to the Bank (and Patient Appointments)

Dental Website Case Study

The positive impact wasn't limited to click-throughs and likes. DentalROI's efforts fueled tangible growth. Remember those 16 page one rankings? They undoubtedly contributed to a healthier call volume, rising from 25 calls in January 2023 to a whopping 144 calls in January 2024 – an impressive 476% increase! More calls equate to more patients, bringing sunshine to both Smile Hawaii's bottom line and countless smiles.

Website Design

Success Beyond Numbers: Aloha Spirit in Every Interaction

Dental Website Case Study

Beyond clicks and likes, Smile Hawaii cultivates genuine connections on social media, mirroring the long-lasting relationships they build with patients. Their vibrant online presence isn't just about aesthetics; it's about showcasing the life-changing impact of their dentistry. Think dazzling smile transformations, heartwarming patient testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into their friendly team. They don't just post – they engage, fostering a supportive community where potential patients feel welcomed and valued, not just another follower. It's this authentic approach that builds trust and reminds everyone that a beautiful smile is much more than just teeth; it's a gateway to confidence and well-being.

Social Media Management

The story doesn't end with statistics. DentalROI recognizes that patient trust is the foundation of any successful practice. Smile Hawaii's commitment to exceptional care resonates online, translating into a chorus of positive reviews. Their Google review count blossomed from 370 to 535, showcasing their dedication to patient satisfaction and building trust with potential clients.

Ready to Let Your Practice Bask in Online Sunshine?

Partner with DentalROI and watch your dental practice flourish like a vibrant Hawaiian orchid. Aloha awaits!

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