Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics

Attract more patients seeking prosthodontic care with a website that converts.

Pacific Northwest Marketing Case Study

114%Leap in Top 10 Keyword Rankings for Prosthodontic Services

Pacific Northwest Marketing Case Study

245%Increase in Website Traffic

Pacific Northwest Marketing Case Study

154%Increase in Calls

Pacific Northwest Marketing Case Study
Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics Marketing Case Study

February 2022 marked a turning point for Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics' online presence. While their visibility started with just 7 keywords perched among the top 10 search results, DentalROI's strategic efforts propelled them forward. By November 2022, they had secured a commanding position with 15 top-10 keywords, a resounding 114% increase.

This wasn't just a digital feat; it translated into tangible results. Website traffic surged from a modest 116 in February 2022 to a vibrant 401 in November 2023, a remarkable 245% increase. Similarly, calls echoed the online buzz, growing steadily from 35 to 89, representing a noteworthy 154% gain. These impressive statistics illustrate the significant impact of DentalROI's expertise, paving the way for Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics' continued online success.

Whether patients are browsing on their desktop, tablet, or phone, they are able to seamlessly navigate Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics' user-friendly site. High-quality, custom photos showcase the warm and welcoming atmosphere of their practice, adding a personal touch that resonates with visitors. This website reflects their commitment to cutting-edge care and patient comfort, both online and in the office.

Dental Website Case Study
Dental Marketing Case Study for Dr. Jonathan Smith

Working with R.O.I has been an asset to our practice. They are easy to work with and anytime I need questions answered or add something to our website they are on it right away. I can't think of a better company to address our needs.

Dr. Michael Johnson DentalROI Marketing Case Study

DentalROI's proven SEO strategy has skyrocketted Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics to 15 top-10 keywords, including "Prosthodontist Near Me."

Dental Website Case Study
Dental Marketing Case Study for Dr. Jonathan Smith

Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics: From Visibility Gap to Online Triumph

For Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics, February 2022 painted a digital landscape with limited reach. Their online presence hovered barely above obscurity, with only 7 keywords clinging to the top 10 search results. That's when DentalROI stepped in, ready to rewrite the narrative.

Unleashing Online Visibility

With a strategic approach, DentalROI transformed their online visibility. By November 2022, a breathtaking 15 keywords dominated the top 10 search results, representing a remarkable 114% increase. This wasn't just about numbers; it was about attracting the right patients seeking specialized prosthodontic care.

Tangible Results Beyond the Clicks

The impact wasn't confined to the digital realm. Website traffic surged by 245%, blossoming from a modest 116 visits to a vibrant 401 within just 9 months. This online buzz resonated in the real world, translating into a 154% increase in calls, growing from 35 to 89.

More Than Just Numbers

These impressive statistics are testaments to the power of DentalROI's expertise. They weren't just chasing numbers; they were paving the way for Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics' online success. By amplifying their online presence, DentalROI connected them with potential patients actively seeking their specialized services, propelling their practice forward.

Dental Website Case Study

Beyond the Case Study

Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics' story is more than just a case study; it's a beacon of hope for dental practices seeking to harness the power of online visibility. By partnering with the right team, they transformed their online presence from a whisper to a roar, attracting the right patients and experiencing tangible growth.

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Unveiling Smile Brilliance Online: Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics & DentalROI

Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics wasn't just a practice seeking a digital touch-up. They were visionaries, ready to elevate their online presence to match their renowned expertise. Like a master craftsman meticulously sculpting a flawless smile, DentalROI partnered with them to unveil a dazzling digital transformation.

From Limited Visibility to Search Engine Superstars

Dental Website Case Study

Imagine searching for the "best prosthodontist in Spokane" and finding Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics buried deep in the results. That was the scenario in February 2022. With just 7 keywords clinging to the top 10 search results, their exceptional care wasn't reaching the patients who needed it most.

Together, we embarked on a strategic SEO journey. By November 2022, a remarkable 114% increase in top-10 rankings for 15 keywords propelled their online visibility to unprecedented heights. Patients actively seeking specialized prosthodontic care could now easily find them, not just regionally, but across Eastern WA, Northern Idaho, and Northern Oregon.

Search Engine Optimization

Beyond Rankings: A Website Radiating Expertise and Empathy

Dental Website Case Study

But DentalROI didn't stop at numbers. We knew Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics was more than just keywords and rankings. We crafted a website that embodied their patient-centric approach, radiating warmth and expertise. Gone were the sterile, generic pages. Now, captivating visuals showcased their state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional team, and unwavering commitment to crafting life-changing smiles. Intuitive navigation and seamless appointment scheduling ensured a user-friendly experience, converting visitors into confident patients, ready to embark on their smile journeys.

Website Design

Social Media Transformation: Building Trust & Community, One Smile at a Time

Dental Website Case Study

We understood the power of social media to go beyond sterile posts and connect with patients on a human level. Gone were the generic updates. Now, Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics shares genuine patient stories, offering glimpses into their transformative experiences. They showcase the fun side of dentistry, engage in meaningful conversations, and foster a vibrant community around their practice. This authenticity builds trust, making patients feel understood and valued, not just another number.

Social Media Management

A Beacon of Excellence in the Digital Landscape:

Pacific Northwest Prosthodontics' story isn't just a case study; it's a testament to the transformative power of a strategic online presence. By partnering with DentalROI, they unveiled a brighter digital future, attracting new patients and experiencing tangible growth. They're now a beacon of excellence in the online landscape, inspiring confidence and showcasing the life-changing possibilities of specialized prosthodontic care.

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