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PatientPayments™ is an integrated partner with DentalROI. It is an easy to use cloud-based payment platform for dentists. We make it easy for you to build recurring revenue streams to your practice by offering membership plans, payment plans, and online bill pay, to your patients.

Offer payment plans to credit worthy patients, while virtually eliminating the risk on in-house financing with our patented Health Credit Assessment Tool.

Easily setup, automate, and manage membership plans.

Top things off by offering text-2-pay and online bill pay, which makes it easy for your patients to pay your practice, anytime, from anywhere.

Once the automated system is setup, it virtually runs itself. Your staff will love it!

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Our complete solution includes all THREE of the following...

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Dental Membership Plans

Build your practice's recurring revenue and help people get the care they need.


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Dental Payment Plans

Increase case acceptance by offering payment plans to your best well qualified patients.


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Online Bill Pay

Reduce unnecessary calls and delinquencies by texting or emailing bill pay links to patients.


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Complete Solution that includes: Membership Plans, Payment Plans, Text-2-Pay, and Health Credit Assessments
Part of a complete marketing solution
Branded with your office branding including email notifications
Sign up process can happens on your own website domain name
Free trial and setup
One low flat monthly rate with unlimited signups
Robust dashboards to track revenue Sometimes
Marketing materials including website widget and customizable campaign templates Sometimes
Integration with 90% of PMS systems in the market
Designed directly by input from office managers and dentists

Membership Plans

Easily setup, automate, and manage membership plans. Sometimes
Autorenewals and renewal management
Membership Plans offer monthly and yearly payment options Sometimes
Patient enrollment from any device (via widget, QR code, email) Sometimes
Plans can be customized based on patient demographics Sometimes
Built in mass email marketing campaign to build membership Sometimes

Payment Plans

Includes customizable payment plans where you determine the length of the term & down payment required for each patient Sometimes
Payment slider, which makes it easy for patients to visualize how much the payment will be Sometimes
Health Credit Assessments - offer payment plans to credit worthy patients, while virtually eliminating the risk on in-house financing Sometimes
Patient enrollment from any device (via widget, QR code, email) Sometimes
Patient enrollment on the spot, waiting period Sometimes

Text-2-Pay (Online Bill Pay)

Text-2-Pay - Text & email links directly to patients to securely pay their bill from anywhere
Patient can login and see payment history and updated their card information rather than calling your office

Customer Support

Dedicated onboarding support to ensure seamless integration Rarely
Growth specialists monitor performance and provide regular health checks
Immediate Help by Phone

PatientPayments™ Membership Plans

Many dentists are finding that by offering membership plans, they can easily build a consistent revenue stream and increase patient loyalty.  The PatientPayments™ Dental Membership Plan software makes it easy to setup, manage, and automate membership plan payments.  Our advanced cloud-based software and experts make starting and running a dental membership plan a breeze.

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Membership Plans help Patients with Little or No Dental Benefits

Approximately, 50-55% of the United States population does not have an employer-funded health care plan and this trend is increasing over time.  Dental offices are finding that many patients benefit from working directly with the health care provider. With our advanced Membership Plan software, you are able to provide care directly to more patients, without the hassle of insurance.  You are in control of what you offer, how much you charge, and how you collect.  This in turn helps more patients get the care they need.

PatientPayments™ Payment Plans

Offering an in-house financing solution increases case acceptance and practice revenue.  And it doesn't have to be risky.  With our proprietary Health Credit Assessment tool, you can easily decide who is a good candidate for a payment plan, based on credit worthiness.  You are in control of the length of the term, down payment required, and what type of payment plans you offer your patients.  If you don't have 100% case acceptance you should consider offering payment plans.  Your treatment coordinator will love our payment slider, which makes it easy for patients to visualize how much the payment will be.  They can even text it to a spouse on the spot to get their feedback or text it to themselves to review later once they've left the office.  Of course, when they're ready, they simply sign up online.  Our advanced solution automates the process of collecting payments and makes it easy for office managers to track everything.

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The Better CareCredit Alternative

Does your practice use CareCredit? CareCredit can be great, but also has some drawbacks.  You probably use CareCredit for several reasons: You don’t want to take the risk of in-house financing and you don’t have a system in place to manage payment plans.  We can solve both of those for you!

The major disadvantages of CareCredit are that sometimes you (the practice), and most of the time your patient, must pay large fees (up to 28% interest!). With CareCredit you lose many patients because they can't sign up on the spot.  They leave the office and have to go through the process of applying for financing.  This reduces case acceptance and the efficiency of your practice.

Dentist and office managers often turn to PatientPayments™ when they want to be more efficient, increase case acceptance, and virtually eliminate the risk of offering payment plans.  Our advanced cloud-based software allows you to offer same-day treatment with our innovative payment slider. We have partnered with industry leading Credit Bureaus and implemented a Health Credit Assessment (soft credit check that will not affect your patient’s credit score) into the process of offering payment plans.  Terms can be decided on a patient by patient basis.

Increase treatment affordability and case acceptance by using our revolutionary payment slider.  You can make it possible for your patients to accept the larger treatment plans at a budget that they can afford. A win-win! Our goal is to help your practice get closer to 80-90% case acceptance for patients of record and 50-75% for new patients.

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The national average for case acceptance is between 50-60% for patients of record and 25-35% for new patients…

- Henry Schein

PatientPayments™ Online Bill Pay

Make it more convenient and easy for patients to make payments to your practice.  Give patients the ability to pay you from anywhere.  They can make payments at home, waiting for a bus, at the grocery store, or in your office.  Reduce Delinquencies by texting or emailing payment links to patients.  You can easily include a reference number and amount to be paid.

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The benefits to your practice are that bills will more likely be paid on time, you will have better record keeping, and will no longer have write down or save patient credit card info on your computer systems.

The benefit to your patients is that they can pay securely anytime and anywhere. They can login and see payment history and update their card information themselves rather than having to call into your office.

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PatientPayments™ Health Credit Assessments

The Health Credit Assessment tool is a convenient way to assess a patient's credit worthiness. This innovative tool allows office staff to determine which patients are eligible for a payment plan or other payment options.  Based on the results of each assessment, you may be able to offer additional payment options to patients which will increase case acceptance.

Based on the Health Credit Assessment and internal policies, you can decide what the terms of each payment plan will be.  Our solution gives you the flexibility to set a minimum down as well as maximum term for repayment.  For well qualified patients, you can offer longer terms and less down. You decide what is best for your practice. 

The Health Credit Assessment Tool is simple to use and you only pay for what you use. Schedule a demo today to see how it takes the guesswork and risk out of in-house financing.

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PatientPayments™ Integration with DentalROI

We have seamlessly integrated PatientPayments™ into our website and marketing platform. In order to get the most out our solution, we offer a complete marketing system along with our cloud-based marketing software that integrate with your practice management solution. As a full-service marketing company, we generate a steady stream of new patients and provide HIPAA compliant, secure payment solutions. By choosing DentalROI as your marketing provider and PatientPayments™ as your online payment provider, your payment pages will be on your domain name and your payment management, and analytics appear right on your website dashboard. In addition, when your staff sends texts and email links, with payment options to patients, they will link to your own website domain name (your website URL does not open a new window to a third-part provider). The email confirmations are sent as if from your office and are branded with your brand. This provides the most seamless experience for patients making payments directly to your practice.

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