Helping your patients and your practice through innovative payment solutions. Our solution includes Bill Pay, Membership Plans, and Payment Plans.

Payment Plans

Increase practice revenue by giving your patients an easy way to sign up for a payment plan. Our new payment slider makes it easy for patients to visualize how much the payment will be.

PatientPayments Payment Slider

The Better CareCredit Alternative

Does your practice use CareCredit? The answer is most likely, yes, and in our experience the reason for this is because of two things: You don’t want to take on the risk of financing and you don’t have a system in place to manage it all.

The major disadvantages of CareCredit are that sometimes you (the dental office) and most of the time your patient must pay large fees (up to 28% interest!). With CareCredit your patient must also go home and apply for financing, thus reducing the chance of them accepting treatment with your practice.

Our Payment Plan software allows you to offer same-day treatment financing while also virtually eliminating the risk of delinquent payments. We have partnered with industry leading Credit Bureaus and implemented a Health Credit Assessment (soft credit check that will not show up on your patient’s credit score) into the process of offering payment plans to your patients.

By using our revolutionary payment slider, you give your patient the control to accept the larger treatment plan at a budget that they can afford. A win-win! Thus, increasing your case acceptance and overall production amount for your practice. With our tool, our goal is to help your practice get closer to 80-90% case acceptance for patients of record and 50-75% for new patients.

The national average for case acceptance is between 50-60% for patients of record and 25-35% for new patients…

- Henry Schein

Membership Plans

Build patient loyalty and practice revenue with our Membership Plan software that automates the collections process and provides a convenient way to track patient membership plans.

Dental Membership Plans

Provide In-Office Dental Membership Plans to Reduce Dependency On Insurance Companies

Approximately, 50-55% of the United States population does not have an employer-funded dental plan and this trend is increasing over time. With our robust Dental Membership Plan software, you are able to provide dental benefit to more patients, which will in turn increase treatment plan acceptance rates and provide better oral health to your patients.

Online Billpay

Reduce Delinquencies and be more PCI compliant in your practice by offering a convenient way for your patients to pay their bill securely online with our PatientPayment tool.

Online Bill Pay for Dentists

The benefits to your practice are that bills will more likely be paid on time, you will have better record keeping, and will no longer have write down or save patient credit card info on your computer systems (which is a PCI compliance violation).

The benefit to your patients is that they can pay securely anytime and anywhere. They can login and see payment history and update their card information themselves rather than having to call into your office to do that.

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