Custom Dental Videos

Video empowers dentists to deliver information to existing patients and prospective patients in an easily digestible manner.

The power of dental marketing videos lies largely in their capability to let you speak directly to the patient and to reach more people faster. Dental videos also enable you to showcase your practice in a personal way – and the personal touch is crucial to consolidate trust in the dentist/patient relationship.

Dental video options are practically limitless, which can make it challenging to decide on the best types of videos for your office. So, what makes a good dental marketing video? And how can you guarantee your videos will resonate with your target audience?

You’ll find the answers – and much more about dental videos – right here.

What Makes a Good Dental Video?

Although dental videos can have fun content, your goal is a serious one – to promote your practice. With this in mind, successful dental videos have a few key elements.


You need to make sure that each video you turn out offers relevant informational value to your patients and potential patients.

By doing this, you’ll be providing quality content while helping to establish your office as an authority in the dental industry to whom people can turn for important information.


A personal, friendly tone in a dental video is the ideal way to highlight your practice’s values and objectives.

Showcasing your personality will make your office appear more human and more approachable, particularly for those hearing about you for the first time. It will also help to set your practice apart from others.

Call to Action

Your dental videos need to clearly explain to viewers what you want them to do at the end of the video – the call to action (CTA).

If your video content is promoting your teeth whitening service, for example, you might include a CTA inviting people to contact your office for a free consultation about the options of chairside whitening or prescription whitening trays for use at home.

Types of Dental Videos

The best dental videos are developed through research into identifying the most effective way to:

  • Answer questions that patients commonly ask about oral health issues.
  • Share information on dentistry topics in general.
  • Explain technological advances in dentistry.
  • Demonstrate procedural techniques.

This research typically results in videos such as:

  • Practice overview videos, including a virtual guided tour of the office.
  • Patient testimonials.
  • Patient education videos.
  • Content showcasing dentists and team members.
  • FAQ videos.
  • Fun moments videos.
  • Dental content from other sources that mirrors your values.

Where to Place Your Dental Video Content

An obvious channel for your videos is your own dental website.

Forbes business magazine tells us that website video content hugely increases the likelihood of a top ranking on Google search results pages, and that landing pages with video attract up to 800 percent more conversions.

Other research indicates that people are 85 percent more likely to buy something after watching a product or service video.

As well as adding interest to your practice website, your video content can also be:

  • Strategically placed in online directories.
  • Embedded in email newsletters to patients.
  • Spread across numerous social media platforms.

Dental Videos in Social Media Marketing

Videos are an ideal medium for social media. They’re one of the most influential and fastest-growing means of sharing ideas and sparking engagement, and they play a huge role in today’s dental marketing strategies.

Your social media video content will find a ready audience – the many people in your locality who will be logging on to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter every day. And video is more powerful than the written word in attracting attention.

In 2018, almost half of social media enthusiasts were viewing one hour or more of video on YouTube and Facebook every week.

People are increasingly using devices such as smartphones and tablets to engage with social media, and online videos comprise half of mobile web traffic. This gives you the opportunity to connect with your mobile-using patients more often.

Benefits of Dental Videos

Dental videos can bring multiple benefits to your office.

Videos in general are a highly effective component in digital marketing because we’re all visual creatures by nature and find videos more appealing and memorable than other kinds of content.

Video can instantly gain the attention of your audience in a culture where attention spans are notoriously short as we’re constantly bombarded with online content. They do this in a powerful, concise way that’s easy to remember and can convey a wealth of information in a short time.

Video content is currently estimated to account for 80 percent of internet traffic, with 60 percent of businesses using video as a marketing tool, and that number expected to grow.

Video marketing is especially effective for dental businesses. It can:

  • Strengthen your efforts to engage with current patients.
  • Expand your reach to potential patients.
  • Improve interaction with patients that results in a stronger bond of trust.
  • Distill complex topics in a fun way that’s easy to understand.
  • Drive other marketing tools such as search engine optimization – Google likes websites with video.
  • Engage with social media users.

Professional Help to Leverage the Power of Dental Video

The quality of a dental video reflects the quality of the practice’s dental services. This is why dentists seek professional help with their video production.

A video customized for your office by professional dental marketers will enable you to make the most of the power of video.

The polished presentation of custom practice videos will make your office stand out in a highly competitive market, highlighting your personality and the benefits offered by your services.

Professionals can also bring a fresh perspective to your video marketing as well as insight into current trends and techniques.

Contact DentalROI to find out more about how to leverage the power of video to take your dental marketing – and your business – to the next level.