PPC for DentistsThe main benefit of using Paid Advertising for your dental practice is that you will get INSTANT results. Once you give us the go ahead, we will have you on the top of page one of Google within minutes! With our custom phone numbers you will be able to see exactly which patients are calling from your paid ads.

What is Pay-Per-Click marketing?

PPC or pay-per-click is also known as ‘paid search’ marketing. In this form of digital advertising, you pay the fees to the publisher only when a user clicks your advert. Gone are the days when people used to refer to a local newspaper for finding a new dentist. This job is now done by search engines like Google. With a PPC campaign, you can advertise your services to the potential patients at the right time.

Although many platforms like Bing, Facebook, YouTube, etc. give the facility of hosting a PPC campaign, Google AdWords is the most popular one. The first step is to define the budget for a dental PPC campaign and place a bid. If your PPC ad meets the requirements, Google will place your ad on the top or right side of the organic search results. When a prospect clicks your ad and reaches your website or landing page, you must pay a small fee to the host.

According to our research, the average value of a new patient is $890 per year. If you miss five new patients in a year, it can cost your practice $9,790. You don’t want to lose a single chance to reach out to your potential customers and convert the lead to sales. PPC marketing can help you achieve these targets.

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Why should you start a PPC campaign?

It gives fast results.

If you have started a new dental practice, then PPC advertising is the best marketing strategy for you. SEO campaigns are an essential part of dental marketing. Nevertheless, it takes time to make your website visible in the organic search results. However, the return on investment with a PPC campaign is instant. It can drive the target traffic to your website on the same day you start a campaign.

You pay for what you get.

The traditional forms of advertisements like print media, television, radio, etc. don’t guarantee a return on marketing investment (ROMI). In PPC marketing, you pay when a prospect clicks your ad. Thus, a properly designed and well-managed PPC campaign is a smart investment.

You can modify the attributes of a campaign and analyze the results.

By starting a ‘Geo-targeted PPC’ campaign, you can define your target audience according to the location. This is especially useful in dental business as you want to advertise your services to the prospects in the neighborhood of your clinic. PPC marketing gives additional benefits like:

  • You can turn your advert on/off whenever you want.
  • You can control the features like budget, time duration, device, etc. to publish a customized ad.
  • In a PPC campaign, you can monitor statistics like the number of visitors, profits, expenditure, etc.

PPC campaign helps in brand recognition.

A robust PPC ad improves the visibility of your brand and helps in creating brand awareness by complementing the SEO campaign. While you are reading this, a prospect may be searching for a dental practitioner by typing the keyword ‘dentist’ in Google search. The top listings in the search results are always the paid ads or the PPC adverts. If done right, you can make your brand stand out from your competitors’ with a PPC campaign.

What are the key points to consider before starting a PPC campaign?


A successful PPC campaign needs successful keywords. It is important to research the keywords before starting a campaign. You don’t want to waste your advertising dollars driving traffic to your website that will not convert into sales. You should choose relevant keywords that give a high click-through rate. The keywords should always match the services you offer.

Landing page

When a lead reaches your landing page, it should convert to a sale. The landing page should have high-quality, relevant content, as well as strong “calls to action” telling your patients what exactly you want them to do, “Call Now”, “Book an Appointment”, etc..

Quality Score Index

A high score in the quality index can give you better results while also being cheaper. A properly researched keywords list and a well-designed landing page that results in an enriched user experience are important features of a successful PPC campaign. These factors affect the quality score and indirectly your expenses.

Creating a PPC campaign is a job half done. A lot goes into the management of the PPC ads after the release. You need an expert who can help you achieve the targets you have set. Creating and managing PPC campaign requires skills and expertise. The need for a well-designed and properly implemented PPC campaign may arise at various stages. For example, when you are running a seasonal promotional offer for smile makeover or when you have just finished with re-branding. Choosing a trustworthy and skilled partner helps you ensure success at each step as your business grows.

We can help you deliver a successful PPC campaign!

You have decided to start with dental PPC but are not sure where to begin? That’s where we come in!

We offer PPC advertising on Google AdWords and supplementary channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Bing Ads. Our deep knowledge and expertise about dental PPC marketing will help you drive more traffic to your website, give more conversions, and spread brand awareness. In a nutshell, our dental PPC strategies give you an excellent return on investment.

Our dental PPC services include:

  • PPC campaign creation
  • Ad copywriting
  • PPC keyword management - including keyword research and keyword bid management (as well as negative keywords)
  • Geo-targeted PPC advertising
  • Conversion analysis and reports
  • PPC Ad statistics and reports
  • Landing page optimization

In conjunction, our search engine optimization (SEO) tactics will improve the visibility of your dental website on organic search results, and our incredible PPC strategies will make you outshine your competitors. We will take care of the entire internet marketing of your dental business. Whether you want to create your brand or build brand awareness, we can do it ALL.

Do you have further questions or want to know more about PPC for your Dental Website? Call us today to explore how our incredible marketing strategies can give you an incredible ROI.