Online Secure Forms

Secure online forms for new patients improve dental office efficiency and cut admin costs. They can also help you get more patients on your books. Remote registration offers greater convenience than filling out paper forms, and this can encourage a higher sign-up rate.

Secure digital forms also give patients peace of mind that the information they provide will be safe in your hands.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), digital healthcare documents like secure online forms enable practices to refine patient care by improving the quality of information available.

Improving Efficiency

Online new patient forms boost office productivity by saving an estimated 15 minutes on each patient registration.

With paper patient intake forms, your office staff spend a lot of time manually entering the data into the practice management software.

Digital registration avoids problems such as staff struggling to decipher messy handwriting on paper documents, and make it far easier to organize, file and store forms.

Finding online forms is also a breeze compared with the significant amount of time often spent every day in dental offices trying to hunt down paper files. Digital patient forms are always just a click away.

Online forms allow your staff to concentrate on patients rather than paperwork, and digital registration eliminates the possibility of errors when staff manually input information provided by patients.

Online forms save your office money as well as time – potentially thousands of dollars a year on overheads such as stationery and storage.

Improving the Patient Experience

Many patients today lead busy lives and don’t relish the prospect of filling out paper forms in a time-consuming registration process. They’ll therefore appreciate the convenience of being able to complete an online form anywhere, any time, on their desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

This also means they spend less time in the waiting room because they provide their details ahead of their visit, and many patients will welcome not having to fill out forms in a busy dental office environment.

Online forms will particularly appeal to the increasing number of individuals who use smartphones, which enable patients to sign their forms with a fingerprint scan. Statistics company Statista tells us that 298 million Americans are using smartphones in 2021, with the number expected to rise to more than 311 million by 2025.

Besides the convenience of paperless registration, today’s patients also demand that the information they’re providing will be security protected.

Protecting Patients’ Data

New patients filling out online documents need to trust in your office to keep their details secure. You can put their minds at rest with a system that encrypts the information they provide to safeguard against interception.

To do this you need a secure digital registration process – required by law under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Websites of healthcare providers are a common target for data thieves, who cost the U.S. health sector $6 billion a year.

Secure online forms are the first step in establishing a bond of trust with your patients that you can build on over time through the quality of your dental services – crucial for patient retention.

What to Look for in Online New Patient Forms

Good dental practices invest in technological advances to enhance patient care so it makes sense to put money into digital patient registration to improve office efficiency and productivity.

Online patient intake forms should be designed to significantly simplify input and transfer of data, which improves office productivity and makes life a lot easier for your admin team.

Secure online forms should also enhance the patient experience and be accessible to anyone with an internet connection to complete a form on your dental website. Digital registration must also keep patients’ data safe.

Furthermore, online forms should dramatically reduce long-term office expenses and help to bring in more new patients to increase revenue.

Advantages of Our Online Dental Registration System

As a specialist dental marketing and productivity company, DentalROI can provide you with secure online forms customized for your practice to give you a superior resource compared with generic web forms, which can be time-consuming to process.

Our forms fully comply with HIPAA regulations on data security, with online encryption, password protection and secure cloud storage, and they’re easy for patients to use and for your staff to process.

Our online forms can be tailored to your desired design and allow you to add questions and edit the document.

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