Dental Office Productivity Software

There are many ways to improve the way your dental practice operates, and technology plays a key role in many of them.

One strategy you or your office manager may have overlooked, though, is the use of productivity software to make your office more efficient and increase revenue.

Productive software brings multiple benefits to a dental practice, including:

  • Saving time and money.
  • Getting more patients.
  • Improving communications with patients.
  • Streamlining patient payments.

What is Productivity Software?

Productivity software refers to applications that enable businesses to optimize their resources to improve overall efficiency.

Your office team is probably already using various systems without realizing they’re examples of productive software, which is basically any computer program that helps people do their jobs, especially in an office setting.

Now an indispensable feature in many organizations and businesses, productive software has fundamentally changed how people work – from faster communication to slick processes and streamlined projects. In short, productivity software has made office work more fulfilling and a whole lot easier.

It’s also helped businesses to adapt to the trend towards remote working brought about the rapid expansion of technology and the internet, and more recently to minimize risks to customers and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While productive software such as Microsoft word processing (Word) and spreadsheets (Excel) are commonplace in businesses, specialized dental productivity software can take your practice efficiency to a new level.

What’s the Best Productivity Software for Dental Offices?

Small businesses are constantly looking for new technology to increase productivity.

Off-the-shelf and free open-source productivity apps may suffice for firms needing help with basic office functions but dental practices operate in a highly specialized medical field where dedicated dental practice productive software often provides the best solution and best return on investment.

Productivity programs designed for dental offices enable you to:

  • Increase appointments.
  • Improve patient engagement.
  • Automate essential tasks.
  • Simplify the way you do business.
  • Improve cash flow.

However, it’s important to realize that although productivity software can bring your practice many benefits and simplify how your dental office team works, the end result depends on the people who use it.

This is why the best dental practice management productivity software is user friendly, which, in turn, further improves efficiency by giving your admin team an enhanced working environment.

Giving Your Office Team the Feel-Good Factor

Employee contentment may not immediately come to mind when you’re thinking about increasing the efficiency of your dental practice, but it plays a key role in productivity.

Using innovative productive software typically gives dental office staff a morale-boosting experience that allows them to become more motivated and engaged.

Studies have shown how employee satisfaction is linked to greater efficiency and diligence and fewer days off work, and productivity software can take the stress or monotony out of many admin tasks in the dental office.

Research by economists at a U.K. university indicated that satisfied employees were 12 percent more efficient.

Other studies have found that:

  • Contented staff pay more attention to detail and develop better analytical abilities.
  • Happy employees provide better customer service and are good at handling adversity.
  • Businesses with satisfied employees outperform competitors by 20 percent.
  • Contented employees work well as a team.
  • Happy employees stay with a firm, which avoids costly turnover.

Productivity Software for Patient Registration

One area where productive software can considerably increase dental office management efficiency is patient registration forms.

While a time-consuming registration process with paper forms may put potential patients off at the last minute, digital registration gives patients an easier, faster way to sign up with your office, and cuts your workload significantly.

This can generate more patients while saving you time and money by reducing clerical work, stationery costs, printing, and document storage.

A further benefit of this type of dental practice productive software is that it avoids the risk of human error in manual inputting of data by your staff.

Having a registration form on your office’s website allows anyone with internet access to join your practice, including the ever-rising number of people with smartphones.

Protecting Patients’ Information

Good productive software for new-patient forms also ensures that the sensitive information being sent to you is secure.

An online form complying with the legal requirements of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) not only gives prospective patients peace of mind but can also increase your visibility in search engine results pages – Google, for instance, particularly likes web pages that protect user information.

Productivity Software for Patient Payments

Productivity software offers innovative payment solutions like Text-2-Pay that make it much easier for your office to bill patients and collect settlements.

Text2Pay productive software gives your patients the convenience of making payments via secure text links on any cell phone without the need for a dedicated app, which means bills are more likely to be settled in a timely manner.

Dental membership plan productivity software makes it easier for you to offer patients more affordable care with subscription-based discounted treatments. It automates the payment collection process and provides a handy means of tracking patients’ payments.

Productive software for payment plans provides an easy way for patients to sign up for an in-house financing solution from anywhere – which can increase case acceptance – and can help them to visualize how much their payments will be.

Want to Know More About Dental Office Productivity Software?

The best dental office productivity software optimizes the work process while minimizing costs, allowing you to use your resources to the full and increase overall efficiency.

As well as productive software for patient registration and payments, many dental offices make use of programs to facilitate:

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