Facebook Remarketing for Dentists

Digital remarketing is a powerful tool that enables dental practices to remain connected with potential new patients who have visited their website but not yet come in to have dental work done. It allows you to place targeted ads in front of these people as they browse Facebook and Instagram.

This tagging and tracking technique overcomes the problem of someone landing on your website and then you never hear from them again because they haven’t left their contact details.

Because you’re targeting potential patients who’ve already shown an interest in your practice by visiting your website, remarketing can provide a sound return on investment (ROI) by targeting quality leads while lowering the cost of advertising.

Re-marketing is a popular feature with Google AdWords but linking the strategy with Facebook also offers many benefits for dental offices looking to attract new patients by showing custom ads to your website visitors on social media platforms.

For Facebook remarketing to be effective, you need to determine which prospective patients visited your website, whether through organic search engine optimization (SEO) or paid-for search engine marketing (SEM) ads. You then have to find them on the social media site. Retargeting the right audience is key to getting more conversions from your Facebook ads.

Lower Cost-Per-Click

Facebook remarketing typically offers a lower cost-per-click (CPC) than search engine sites like Google, based on the supposition that Facebook traffic is less targeted than that of search engines.

Search engine users are generally looking for a particular product or service. On social media platforms, you’re advertising to people while they’re doing something else.

This lowers the cost of Facebook ads because technically they might not be as likely to convert into customer acquisition.

Nevertheless, targeting your audience through Facebook can still yield impressive results, particularly when focusing on prospects who’ve already been scrutinizing your practice via your website.

To turn these prospects into patients calls for quality, consistent marketing, customizing your message to provide relevant information, including material that expands on what people already know about your practice from visiting your website.

With Facebook remarketing, you can also achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR) than general Facebook campaigns.

Higher Conversion Rates

Getting a first-time visitor to your website to become a patient takes time. In a competitive market place like dentistry, people are likely to browse several dental sites to compare services and pricing. Once someone has left your website to look elsewhere, they may forget about you or lose the way back to your site. Or perhaps they missed your unique selling point/proposition (USP).

These sorts of problems can be addressed with Facebook remarketing. When people see your message on Facebook, they’re highly likely to recognize you, which increases the chances of them becoming your patient.

Someone who’s visited your website is already interested in your dental services. By gaining their attention while they’re browsing Facebook, you can drive your message home – it’s estimated that people have to see a marketing message up to 12 times before it sticks.

You can also avoid irritating people who’ve already joined your practice by creating a custom marketing segment that excludes those who’ve already visited your thank-you page.

The Power of Social Proof

On the other hand, Facebook remarketing can be used in a carefully-crafted campaign to stay in touch with existing patients and introduce them to people who don’t know about your practice but may be interested in the dentistry services you offer.

Harnessing the power of the social proof phenomenon by embracing a wider audience and encouraging your existing patients to interact with potential new ones can boost patient loyalty and enhance your digital brand presence.

Satisfied patients will often engage with your content and share positive comments about your practice. When a potential patient comes across these favorable remarks about you and your practice, they’re likely to be left with a positive impression that maximizes the potential of conversion.

Creating a “Lookalike Audience”

You can take the social proof concept a stage further by ensuring your audience includes people who share characteristics with your current and potential patients.

With Facebook Ads Manager, you can create a custom audience of visitors to a particular page on your website. You can then use this list to generate a “lookalike audience” that’s similar to the people in your custom audience.

This is particularly beneficial if you don’t have a huge customer list and are looking to widen your targeting to reach the same sort of people as your current and potential patients. By using a lookalike audience, you can reach prospective patients you would otherwise have missed and who’re likely to be interested in your dental services.

Reaching the Right People

To attract new patients to your practice, you need to reach out to people who’re interested in the dental services you offer. Even the most powerful advertising content will do little good if it fails to reach the right audience.

With precise use of Facebook promotional tools, you can construct a remarketing campaign that targets existing and potential patients, and even people who are unaware of your practice.

There’s no minimum investment stipulated, so you can tailor Facebook remarketing to fit your budget. Facebook remarketing gives you a good return on investment. It has the advantage of a lower cost of advertising compared with platforms such as Google AdWords, while still allowing your practice to stand out from the crowd.

If you use Facebook remarketing to expand your audience to include existing patients, your campaign will be more social and engaging, increasing the likelihood of gaining new patients.

Google certainly has its place in the world of remarketing because most web users search on Google at least once a day. However, Facebook remarketing shouldn’t be overlooked. Research has shown that people use Facebook throughout the day, whether they’re at work or at home.

In the right hands, Facebook advertising and remarketing can rival or even outperform marketing through Google and other search engine sites.