Custom Dental Websites

Investing in a custom dental website will set you apart from other local practices and significantly improve your efforts to attract new patients and retain current patients.

A customized site designed by marketing professionals will make it easier for patients to sign up with your office and allow you to remain engaged with existing patients. It will also have a high level of functionality and simple navigation for a good user experience.

A custom website design holds many advantages over cheap DIY web packages and templated sites. These benefits include:

  • Connecting directly with your target audience.
  • Enhancing credibility.
  • Expert SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Defining your brand.

As a long-term marketing strategy, a custom website will continue to grow your practice over time, providing a healthy return on investment.

Getting New Patients and Keeping Existing Patients

A custom dental website will focus on converting prospects into paying patients.

It does this by:

  • Factoring in search intent. This entails anticipating what prospective patients want to know and answering their questions. It not only provides useful information for potential patients; it also signals to search engines that you’re providing valuable content – crucial for SEO to achieve high rankings in search results.
  • Future-proofing your site. Effective website design takes into account advances in technology such as the rise of mobile devices. A mobile-responsive site will provide a good user experience across smartphones, tablets and laptops, as well as desktops. It will adapt to each device to ensure the best browsing and interactive experience.

Quality content

With a professionally designed and customized site, you won’t have to worry about poor content creating a bad impression of your practice and putting off potential patients.

Your custom site will contain unique, quality content based on the intent of people who visit it. This content will get your message across clearly and demonstrate your expertise in a way that connects with prospective patients.

Good dental website design will ensure quality content throughout your site, including service pages and blog section. While detailing the dental services you offer is obviously essential, blogs further enhance SEO and allow you to provide more in-depth material that answers common questions dental patients have.

New-patient forms

A custom website design should contain new-patient forms that provide a simple method of registration. This can result in attracting patients who find it tedious to fill out paper forms in the digital age. Online new-patient forms also save your office time and money by reducing admin work.

Professional dental website designers configure online forms to comply to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) stipulations. This gives prospective patients peace of mind that sensitive information is secure. It can also boost your presence in search engine results pages (SERP). Google, especially, favors sites that safeguard user information.

Retaining Patients

Many practices find it challenging to retain patients in the face of competition.

As well as generating new patients, custom dental websites are designed to ensure your patient base stays strong by improving engagement with patients.

Custom web design allows you to:

  • Tell your patients about any new services and technology you introduce.
  • Make it easier for patients to schedule appointments.

Custom Dental Website Design for Effective SEO

Custom dental website SEO entails extensive keyword research and assessing the behaviors of prospective patients. This results in organic search optimization that gets a highly visible presence in local search listings. One key aspect of SEO is the use of location-specific keywords – phrases in your website that will encourage search engines to put your site in front of people in your neighborhood looking for the type of dental services you offer.

Quality content also plays a major part in search engine optimization. For example, Google looks for authoritative, well-researched, relevant content that gives the reader valuable information.

Links that Establish Authority

External and internal links on your site are also important for SEO. Custom dental website design ensures:

  • Links to other sites with high domain authority, which search engines see as a vote of confidence.
  • Links between pages on your site that help to establish site architecture and page authority.

Defining Your Brand

A custom dental web design will consolidate your practice’s brand image – creating a positive perception of your office and reflecting its business philosophy and values. It will also establish your expertise as a dental professional. All this helps to enhance your practice’s credibility and maintain a long-term, loyal patient base.

Defining your brand is imperative to set you apart from other local dentists, so your website needs to consistently highlight what makes you and your team unique.

Incorporating effective branding within your website goes much further than an eye-catching logo and a catchy slogan or two. It establishes your practice’s personality, purpose, mission and beliefs.

This requires a web design to deliver a brand message across your site that builds loyalty, trust and recognition. Professional custom dental website design establishes the tone of your brand throughout your site by consistent use of design style, typography, color palette, and the language of written content.

How Custom Dental Website Design Anchors Your Marketing Strategy

Once, there were fewer dentists and no internet. This made marketing a practice straightforward. A couple of newspaper ads, and word of mouth did the rest. Today, digital marketing is critical to the success of a dental office. And your website is the hub of your promotional efforts.

In the digital world, your website may well be the initial interaction people have with your practice. Potential patients judge your office on how professional your website is.

Your website also anchors the rest of your marketing efforts. Having a site that looks pretty isn’t enough. You need a site that’s a finely-tuned marketing tool designed to generate targeted, high-converting leads on a long-term basis.

This is why a custom site designed by dental marketing specialists can have a huge impact. Your website will have been researched, planned and designed with your target audience in mind, and it will highlight the advantages they can get from your practice.