Social Media Content Library

Social media content marketing helps dentists to generate more income through increased patient retention and attracting new patients. To do this, though, requires a strong presence on social platforms, and maintaining this level of online visibility isn’t without its challenges.

You need a constant stream of good content to keep your target audience engaged – a time-consuming commitment that’s a daunting prospect for busy dental businesses. If your office is struggling with content production for socials, imagine having a huge bank of preprepared material at your fingertips, ready to publish at the touch of a button. Sounds too good to be true? Not anymore, if you have a social media dental content library.

Benefits of a Social Media Dental Content Library

Having ready access to a social media dental content library will give you a catalog of diverse material designed specifically to appeal to your patients. This will benefit your practice in numerous ways. It makes it much easier and faster to:

  • Post polished content on a regular basis.
  • Post more professional-standard content.
  • Get inspiration for ideas for new posts.

This helps in your efforts to:

  • Show the human side of your practice in order to inspire trust.
  • Enhance brand awareness among a highly targeted audience.
  • Interact directly with more patients.

Extending Your Social Media Reach

Streamlining your content output on social channels with the help of a dental content library will elevate your content marketing capabilities in:

  • Intensifying your social media presence.
  • Establishing your practice’s authority.
  • Consolidating patient relationships to build credibility.
  • Reaching out to more prospective patients.

These are key content marketing strategies for dental practices striving to get maximum return on investment from their social media interactions.

Community Engagement

Another way a social media library can help your practice is by underpinning your standing as a part of the local community. Good dental offices tend to have a community focus in general, and when people in your location go on social media, they’ll likely be receptive to what you have to offer in terms of oral health advice and information about dental procedures they may be interested in.

This puts you in a good position to emphasize the message that you care about your community as a whole as well as your patients. This type of social engagement can also be used to connect with and allay the fears of local people reluctant to step through your practice door because of dental anxiety.

Why You Need a Social Media Content Library

From its origins as a means of connecting people, social media platforms have evolved to become a commercial force with enough influence to make or break a business. This has made it essential for dental offices to engage with patients via these channels. The number of people in the U.S. interacting via social channels has soared over the last decade. In 2021, 82 percent of Americans had a social networking profile – eight out of 10 potential patients in your practice catchment area.

More and more dental offices are now recognizing the importance of social media in connecting with patients. Even 10 years ago, 52 percent of U.S. dental offices had a social media account, mainly as a marketing tool, and their platform of choice was often Facebook, according to a survey of US dentists’ use of social media at the time.

However, many dental offices still fail to take full advantage of the persuasive influence of social channels. One of the main issues is a lack of engaging content – costly and time consuming to produce consistently. A social media content library packed with quality dental material solves this problem, and you’ll never again have to struggle over coming up with fresh ideas.

What Should Your Dental Content Library Contain?

To improve your practice’s social media efforts – and your business as a whole – you need a content library with innovative material across a range of dental topics.

This content needs to be:

  • Informative – providing value for social media users.
  • Unique – giving people a reason to keep coming back for more.
  • Engaging – dental topics presented in an entertaining way.

And the best way to present it is through:

  • Graphics.
  • Video.
  • Images.
  • Captions.

Material like this helps to build a personal relationship with your social media circle and can motivate people to share your content among a wider audience.

Good topics for a dental social media content library include:

  • Dental procedures.
  • Oral hygiene tips.
  • Fun facts.

Themes such as these can also spark ideas for further new posts.

How Can I Get a Professional Dental Content Library?

Building an effective social media content library yourself would be a mammoth task possibly taking years – even if you had the time to spare and the resources to do it. The solution comes in the form of AI-enabled software that provides an unlimited supply of material ready to publish instantly whenever you need it.

The DentalROI Solution

Dental marketing specialists DentalROI have compiled an extensive digital library of unique material covering a broad spectrum of dental topics. This wealth of quality material will be ready to hand any time you want to draw on the library’s resources.

And the content will be what dental patients want to see. This is because we understand:

  • What dental patients look for in social media content.
  • The demographic of your target audience.
  • How patients behave and interact online.
  • Your patients’ concerns and aspirations.
  • How social media platforms differ.

Armed with our content catalog, you’ll be all set to produce a steady stream of output to publish across sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. You can also use this material to bolster your dental website’s blog. And your social media posts can increase your site traffic via links.

If you want to take full advantage of social media content marketing to improve your practice revenue, contact us to discover more about the benefits of having a professional social media content library to expand your reach.