DentalROI has teamed up with NexHealth in an effort to ensure that your dental patients can schedule an appointment directly on your website. The patient experience has never been easier.

Patients who are interested in setting an appointment often do so through traditional phone communication. In today’s busy environment and ease of access to the Internet via smartphones, there’s a new way to set appointments. With DentalROI and NexHealth working together, patients can schedule their dental appointments without missing a beat on a busy day.

It also comes in handy when someone needs to make an appointment after hours. With dental offices not open 24/7, it leads to a ‘wait until morning’ situation. This will no longer be the case. 73% of appointments are booked after hours. If a practice doesn't have an online booking option, they are missing out on a whole lot of appointments! If your patients need to set up an appointment anytime, your website is the best place. DentalROI and NexHealth makes it possible with our partnership.

How our partnership helps dentists?

With our partnership, we make it easier for your dental practice. Our scheduling platform can be organized by appointment type, operating hours, and the dentist’s calendar. This will make the practice schedule its most simple and organized yet.

It also provides you with more than one way for patients to schedule appointments. This can be done through the following methods:

  • Your website
  • Social media pages
  • Text/SMS messages
  • QR code

It’s a win-win for both you and your new and existing patients. You place the link and the patient will follow it to schedule an appointment, all without making a phone call.

Using real-time availability and auto-sync features, a patient can book an appointment in one click. This will update your health records system, so you don’t have to enter any data manually.

Why should we make appointment scheduling easier?

The answer to this question is a no-brainer. Leaving out a key call to action such as having a patient schedule their appointment is a critical blunder for any marketing plan. You can mention the kind of services your practice offers.

It won’t do you any good if your patient can’t take the next step. Even better, DentalROI and NexHealth will allow you to manage your patient roster. This includes allowing new patients while retaining recurring ones.

NexHealth not only allows online booking, you will be able to send reminders to patients with upcoming appointments. They also offer reviews so your patients can leave one, persuading potential patients to determine whether your practice is a good fit for their dental needs.

NexHealth can increase your practice’s bookings and retention

Did you know that a single practice could get up to 35 more patients per month with NexHealth? You can also stand to see an increase of up to 157 percent in online bookings (and 120 percent increases in reminders sent). That’s because NexHealth eliminates all the challenges and obstacles that come with patient acquisition and retention.

Aside from its scheduling and reminder abilities, NexHealth also offers the following services:

  • Online Payments: Collect online payments easily from patients. Whether it’s ahead of time or a set payment plan, it’s never been easier. No more chasing down clients who may be behind on payments.
  • Marketing Campaigns: You need new patients. So, it may be a good idea to provide them with a good offer to get them to set up an appointment. You can even use your email list to keep in touch with them and inform them regularly about their oral health.
  • Reviews: Self-explanatory. You leave a review and it can help potential patients make a decision. Other patients can give others a preview of what your practice is like.

Think of it as your Swiss Army knife for keeping things simple for your practice. At this point, NexHealth has already connected more than 5000 different practices. Can your practice be the next one on the list?

Is NexHealth a Good Fit? Give them a try.

DentalROI and NexHealth have formed a partnership that will benefit both dentists and patients. We’re changing the game that will lead to more patient acquisition and retention. While you provide an excellent service to your patients, we’ll make sure to keep the scheduling and reminders (among others) simple.

Contact us today if you are interested in growing your practice with the help of DentalROI and NexHealth. We’ll set you up with a demo, so you know what you’ll get. Don’t wait - reach out to us today and get started.