Call Tracking Recording Software

As a dental practice, there will always be people in your office taking phone calls and communicating with patients. Phone calls are very important because they are often the first interaction that patients have with your office.

There are many reasons why your office should consider using call tracking and recording software. This guide will outline the most important reasons to use this software in your clinic.

Helps With Customer Service

You can’t always be standing around the reception desk at your office. So, you might not know how your office staff is talking to customers. Using call recording software can allow you to go back and listen in to what your office staff is talking about as well as their manner of speaking.

This can help you to train the members of your staff that might not have the best phone manner. It can also help you to troubleshoot areas where your customer service might be lacking.

Helps Understand Your Customers

When you have your phone calls recorded, you can see what kind of questions your customers are asking and which parts of your business they might not be able to understand. If you notice that many customers are calling and asking the same questions, you might want to consider adding this information to your website or including it as part of a recording so that the office staff is not answering the same questions over and over again.

It also helps to understand your customers' needs. Is there something that many customers are asking for that you don’t offer? Could you begin offering this service if possible since it seems in high demand?

Call tracking also allows you to see where your customers are coming from. You can track the most common locations and where you seem to be getting the most customers. This can help you know where to advertise and where to push more marketing since you see many customers coming from this area.

You can also partner your tracking software with CRM tools so that information about the customer is stored for later in case you need to go back and call them or ask them another question.

Answers All Calls

If the phone in your office is always ringing and no one is answering, you risk losing business to another competitor. This can be a huge loss for your company and can also cause people to leave you negative reviews if they feel like your business cannot offer them the customer service that they need.

When you have software monitoring the phone lines, it can answer them for you with automated messaging until someone from the office staff can answer. Your call software can also show you when peak hours are for calls. This allows you to bring in another receptionist during the most common hours. More calls will be answered, and you will be able to bring in more customers as a result.

The software can also signal exactly which call was missed. This way you see the number and the time they called. Someone from the office can give them a call back immediately so that the customer does not feel neglected.

Real-Time Tracking

When you use tracking software, you can see the calls coming in in real-time. As soon as the phone rings in your office, you will be able to see the person’s name and phone number.

This allows you to automatically file it and record it as soon as the phone call comes in. Not only does this make data tracking super easy, but you also don’t have to spend time manually putting in numbers and other data which can take a lot of time and even additional employees.

Better Digital Marketing

Although you might not use a lot of dental marketing right now, it’s time to start. The dental field is competitive as more and more towns have hundreds of dentists to choose from. You need to make your dental office known and you need to show others why you are better in the dental field compared to everyone else.

When someone calls you, it means they got your phone number from your website or other dental marketing campaigns you used. This makes it much easier to see if your dental marketing efforts are working or if you need to put in some more effort.

Since the software tracks where the calls are coming from, you can also see which areas are benefiting more from marketing and which areas might be lacking.

More Integrations

One of the secrets to success when it comes to your dental practice is integrating everything together for smoother operations. When you use call tracking software, there are hundreds of integrations you can use including Google Analytics and Ads.

This is one of the best ways to save you money and time. Once you know the marketing efforts that are working, you can drop all the wasted money you spend on the ones that are not going well.

This allows you to get your practice in order and concentrate your dental marketing efforts in the best places.

Multiple Phone Numbers

If your growing office only has one phone number, it’s time to start getting more. With call tracking, you can manage all phone numbers at one time so don’t be worried about any extra work that you feel more than one phone number might bring.

All the calls will be forwarded to the main number which makes it super easy to talk to new patients. You can also see which of the marketing efforts are working the best since they will be given different phone numbers.

If you’re ready to start using phone call tracking software, contact DentalROI today. Our software is unique and can help you with all your dental marketing needs. We can also send you a personalized plan and help you set up the software to make it even easier.