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Productive software enables dental practices to operate more efficiently by streamlining office management systems.

While free open-source productivity software is widely available, highly specialized businesses like dental offices typically need proprietary applications – and some dental digital marketers feature productivity applications as part of their packages for clients.

The main benefit of working with a top dental marketing consultancy that offers productive software for dentists is that they will have an in-depth understanding of dental office management.

They’ll also be able to supply you with productive software specifically designed to increase your office’s overall return on investment by:

  • Making your dental practice more efficient.
  • Improving cost-effectiveness.
  • Increasing practice revenue.

Two types of proprietary productive software that dental offices find particularly beneficial are:

Productive Software for Call Recording and Tracking

Call recording and tracking software facilitates better staff training and provides an effective way to monitor levels of patient satisfaction. Easy access to recorded calls enables you to quickly pinpoint common areas of concern when patients or prospective patients call your office.

If necessary, you can then help your staff to better reflect your practice’s professionalism and patient commitment over the phone by making sure they’re better equipped to handle these types of calls. You also need to know where your new patients are coming from, which gives you an insight into how to fine-tune your marketing efforts and your practice brand image by:

  • Targeting potential patients on platforms you might not currently be using.
  • Allowing more people to discover the benefits your practice offers.

The best dental call recording and tracking productivity software makes it easy to set up and manage multiple unique phone numbers.

Productive Software for Two-Way SMS Texting

Productive software for two-way SMS (Short Message Service) texting allows you to text back and forth with your patients through a dedicated number.

These messages arrive instantly, which makes them ideal for time-sensitive messages, and open and response rates are far higher than with emails. Your practice number can be used on any computer to interact with your patients whenever it’s mutually convenient.

One application of this faster, more direct communication is to increase the likelihood of more reviews of your practice – you can give patients direct links to your Google, Yelp, or Facebook platforms.

Good proprietary two-way texting software allows you to create message templates that can be modified easily and quickly, and also has built-in tracking and history capabilities.

Potential Drawbacks of Open-Source Productivity Software

Although many open-source productive software packages are fairly easy to use, others may present challenges, especially in a specialized field like dental office management.

Some productivity programs are aimed primarily at giving life to the ideas of the developer, which doesn’t generally make for a good user experience. Another disadvantage of open-source software designed to optimize efficiency is that it doesn’t come with extensive support.

Proprietary software, on the other hand, gives you peace of mind. You know who has designed, created, and supplied the software, and they will always be on hand to offer support and advice, particularly in the unlikely event that something goes amiss.

Since open-source systems are developed by numerous people, there’s nobody specific to get help from if you run into problems.

What Productive Software Can Do for Your Practice

Productive software from a dental marketing company can be incorporated with your practice management system to give your office manager the tools they need to increase efficiency and boost practice revenue.

It will also make life a lot easier for your office staff and give them more time to focus on patients without being overburdened with time-consuming admin work.

Besides call recording and tracking and two-way texting, working with a dental marketing company that offers productive software gives you access to several other benefits, including advanced digital solution systems for areas such as:

Taking Dental Practice Efficiency to a New Level

Productivity software has become an indispensable office management tool in businesses worldwide, and in dental offices is helping to take productivity and patient experience to a new level.

Enabling your dental office to work more constructively and dynamically with productive software from a marketing company can reshape how your practice functions – from better communication, attracting more patients and streamlining payment solutions.

Working with a dental marketing agency that offers productive software also gives you ready access to a raft of marketing strategies to further increase your practice revenue.

These resources include:

  • Custom dental websites. A custom website with quality content can make a strong connection with prospective patients and help to gain their trust. It also establishes a powerful brand image that mirrors your core values and commitment to patients. In the hands of an experienced dental marketing company, your site will connect with potential patients in a way that results in them becoming actual patients.
  • Custom practice videos. Custom videos consolidate the trustworthiness of your practice and convey both information and emotion to give your practice an advantage over dentists who rely solely on the written word to promote their practice.
  • Pay-per-click advertising. Paid online advertising drives targeted traffic to your website fast – people in your locality looking for the types of dental treatments you offer. Google Ads is a major force in pay-per-click advertising but social media platforms can also be useful.
  • Search engine optimization. SEO (search engine optimization) is a longer-term strategy crucial to achieve and maintain a strong presence in major search engines such as Google. Organic, natural SEO gives you the means to market your practice without paying for online advertising.
  • Social media management. Dental social media management entails using social platforms and apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to engage with existing and potential patients with the aim of enhanced patient satisfaction and growing your practice.
  • Reputation management. Effectively managing your online reputation – monitoring reviews, minimizing the effect of negative reviews, and encouraging more positive feedback – plays a major role in attracting new patients.

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