Online Secure Forms

Online forms for new patients make the registration process easier and save dental practices time and money. A further benefit of secure online dental registration forms is that they protect your patients’ data.

Furthermore, the paperless approach to patient registration results in raised levels of employee contentment and can increase revenue by turning more prospects into paying patients.

How Online Registration Benefits Your Office

One of the key advantages to dental practices of online registration is that it improves office efficiency and productivity. Online forms for new patients save your practice hours of clerical tasks, which enables your office to be more productive with the same number of staff.

Digital registration saves time by avoiding the need for staff to manually input the information provided on paper by patients. Physical data entry into your office management system can also result in transcription errors, and patients’ handwriting may be difficult to read.

Online registration also saves on the cost of overheads such as paper, printing off forms, and storing documents. Digital forms can create efficiencies in other areas, including...

Improved Scheduling

Digital registration enables practices to improve scheduling by anticipating no-shows. If a patient hasn’t submitted their form by the day before their appointment, it’s a red flag they may not turn up. You can then notify them and get them to reschedule while offering their appointment slot to another patient.

How Online Registration Benefits Your Patients

Digital registration gives your patients a simpler, more convenient way to sign up to your practice, with less time and effort. Streamlining the registration process gives patients a better experience by allowing them to register via your dental website ahead of their first appointment.

Patients leading busy lives may already be missing lunch, using vacation time, or sacrificing quality time with their family to keep their appointment. Filling out registration forms in the dental office takes up more of their valuable, limited time. Traditional, in-office registration may take 20 minutes or longer. Online registration takes about five minutes.

How Online Registration Benefits Your Staff

The digital approach takes the stress out of registration for your staff as well as patients.

It allows your office team to focus on patients instead of paperwork. This leads to a greater degree of job satisfaction, which plays an important role in employee morale and productivity.

Research by economists has indicated that contented employees are 12 percent more efficient, pay more attention to detail, provide better customer service, and work better as a team. They’re also more likely to stay with your office, reducing staff turnover costs.

Protecting Your Patients’ Data

Digital new patient forms safeguard your practice and patients from cyber crooks who prey on healthcare providers.

Fraudsters target businesses like dental offices because electronic health records (EHRs) are seen as a low-risk, high-value source of data that can be used in various illegal ways.

Online registration via secure forms protects the sensitive information patients provide for you. Their data will be encrypted and password protected to conform with the legal requirements of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

As well as giving your patients peace of mind, secure online registration can also improve your rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Google particularly favors web pages that protect user data.

How Online Registration Can Attract More New Patients

Nowadays, many people simply don’t like filling out paper forms, which can be a time-consuming process. This may prevent some potential patients from taking the final step in joining your practice.

Online registration gives prospective patients the convenience of being able to give you their details from any place at whatever time they choose. All they need is an internet connection –tablet, laptop, smartphone or desktop computer.

Studies suggest that two-thirds of patients favor online registration over paper documents, and nearly half would consider switching to a dentist that offers the convenience of online registration.

Types of Online Registration Forms

A few options are available when considering the best online registration system for your practice.

These include generic web forms and customized digital dental forms incorporated into your office management system.

Generic web forms offer a cheaper solution but they’re not designed to integrate with dental productivity software and they can take more time to process.

On the other hand, specialized dental online registration forms have many advantages, including:

  • Custom design.
  • Editable format.
  • HIPAA compliance.

The DentalROI Online Registration Solution

Dental marketing and productivity company DentalROI provides practices with custom secure online patient registration forms that save time and money, improve efficiency, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Our HIPAA-compliant digital forms make it easy for new patients to register, and they provide a superior solution to generic web forms – tailored specifically to your office, with data instantly accessible.

Contact us to discover more about the advantages of online registration and how digital forms for new patients can benefit your practice.