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Marketing for Dental Service Organizations

DentalROI provides a complete digital marketing solution that helps dental service organizations grow.

DSO marketing

DSO Marketing

We use proven dental marketing strategies that will build your search engine rankings and make it easier to generate new patients. These strategies include creating quality content on your website as well as backlink building. This will help to grow your website’s authority with search engines like Google. This is the best way to build your search engine rankings. We not only help you improve the front end of your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but will optimize the website’s backend SEO. This includes optimizing the website’s meta information and website’s performance. We strive to help offices become more efficient with our unique website platform that offers a variety of productivity software.

Helping DSO’s Become More Efficient With Our Productivity Software

Another benefit of working with DentalROI is you will get access to our Productivity Software which includes:

With these tools, your office’s staff will be able to streamline some of their operating procedures. As well as create new avenues to catch more new patients that wouldn’t otherwise have been reached. With features like our Two-Way Texting, Payment Plans, and Membership Plans you will be able to retain more patients through stronger communication and more options that make accepting treatment easier for patients.

Unique Website Platform for DSO’s

Our unique website platform is designed to simplify website management and optimize performance. With our website platform, you can manage multiple websites from one dashboard, reducing the hassle of keeping track of multiple logins. We will optimize your website so it runs quickly and smoothly on any device. We also make sure your website stays secure and safe for your patients.

What Are The 5 Stages Of Dental Service Organizations Marketing?

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Stage 0 - Starter

Stage 0 is only when you are a STARTER, just beginning and you have not yet begun marketing your dental service organization.

Stage 1 - Struggling

Stage 1 is when you are STRUGGLING to do your own marketing and have not yet discovered what works for your practices.

Stage 2 - Stagnant

Stage 2 is where your dental service organizations marketing growth is STAGNANT and new starts just cover those patients who have finished their treatment.

Stage 3 - Slow Growth

Stage 3 is SLOW GROWTH where you have discovered at least one service organizations marketing marketing method that works. It may however be costly or limited in the number of new patients it can provide.

Stage 4 - Expansion

Stage 4 is EXPANSION, where you have an expert or team managing multiple marketing methods fueling higher growth. At this stage you may struggle with high costs and inefficiencies.

Stage 5 - Multi Practice

Stage 5 is MULTI PRACTICE where you have similar challenges a stage 4 as well as concerns about how to scale your successes across multiple locations while taking into account each location’s unique challenges & opportunities.

How Can I Improve My Dental Service Organizations Marketing Results?

First you need to decide on your goals. For some dental service organizations reaching stage 3 is their goal, while others may want to build to stage 5. How to market your practice depends upon what these goals are AND an accurate diagnosis of your practice’s top marketing bottleneck or problem. This bottleneck / problem is whatever is most holding you back from reaching your goals. In the same way there is no one treatment that will fix all your patient’s problems, there is no one way to market a pediatric dental practice. Your first step should always be to correctly diagnose your top marketing problem. A specialized marketing expert can then help you evaluate the various marketing opportunities available by understanding your long-term goals and your current marketing situation.

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