Universal Smiles Dentistry

Partnering with DentalROI in 2021, Universal Smiles Dentistry is now a thriving DSO with 6 locations

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

1,387.5%New Page 1 Listings

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

676.4%Increase in Calls

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

57%Increase in Reviews

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study
Universal Smiles Dentistry Marketing Case Study

Universal Smiles Dentistry: Transforming Growth with DentalROI

From 2 Offices to 6: A Case Study in Powerful Dental Marketing

Universal Smiles Dentistry is living proof of the transformative power of specialist dental marketing. Partnering with DentalROI in 2021, they've experienced explosive growth, expanding from 2 offices to 6, and witnessing a dramatic surge in patient acquisition and online presence.

Here's how DentalROI fueled their success:

  • Consistent Branding: DentalROI ensures seamless brand messaging across all 6 locations, fostering trust and familiarity with potential patients.
  • Centralized Management: Universal Smiles enjoys the convenience of a single point of contact, simplifying communication and streamlining marketing efforts.
  • Performance at a Glance: We track progress with an easy-to-use dashboard, gaining valuable insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) across all locations.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

  • SEO Triumph: Top-10 keyword rankings on search engines increased by a staggering 1,387.5%, driving organic traffic and patient leads.
  • Call Volume Explosion: Monthly call volume soared by 676.4%, demonstrating a powerful conversion of online interest into patient action.
  • Positive Patient Reviews: Google review count grew by 57.3%, highlighting patient satisfaction and building trust with potential patients.

More than just numbers, this case study reflects the impact of strategic marketing tailored to the unique needs of dental practices. DentalROI goes beyond generic tactics, delivering solutions that attract ideal patients, build trust, and drive sustainable growth.

Is your dental practice ready to transform? Contact DentalROI today and unlock your full potential!

DentalROI KPI Dashboard

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We track progress with an easy-to-use dashboard, gaining valuable insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) across all locations.

Dental Marketing Case Study for Dr. Jonathan Smith

Universal Smiles Dentistry: Unveiling the Details of Their Growth Journey

Beyond the impressive headline numbers, let's delve into the strategic efforts that fueled Universal Smiles Dentistry's remarkable growth with DentalROI:

Reputation Management

  • Encouraging Positive Reviews: DentalROI implemented a system to streamline the review process across all 6 locations, making it easy for satisfied patients to leave positive feedback online.
  • Responding to Reviews: They actively monitor and respond to all reviews, both positive and negative, showcasing their commitment to patient satisfaction and addressing any concerns promptly.
  • Enhancing Online Reputation: Through consistent brand messaging and positive patient interactions, DentalROI helped Universal Smiles build a strong online reputation across multiple platforms.


  • Local SEO Domination: By targeting relevant keywords specific to each location, DentalROI ensured Universal Smiles appeared prominently in local search results, attracting patients in their immediate vicinity.
  • Content Marketing Powerhouse: Engaging blog posts, informative website content, and targeted landing pages provided valuable information to potential patients while ranking highly in search engines.
  • Technical Optimization: From website speed to mobile-friendliness, DentalROI optimized Universal Smiles' online presence for a seamless user experience and maximized search engine visibility.

Paid Advertising

  • Strategic PPC Campaigns: Targeted advertisements on Google, Facebook, and other platforms reached ideal patients actively searching for dental services in their areas.
  • Precise Retargeting: Strategically retargeting website visitors kept Universal Smiles at the forefront of potential patients' minds, encouraging them to schedule appointments.
  • Campaign Performance & Optimization: DentalROI constantly monitors and optimizes paid advertising campaigns for maximum return on investment.

Social Media Management

  • Engaging Content Calendar: Tailored content focused on each location's unique services, community events, and patient testimonials resonated with local audiences.
  • Social Media Response Team: Promptly responding to comments and messages fostered positive interactions and built trust with potential patients.
  • Multi-Platform Strategy: Engaging across Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant platforms maximized reach and brand awareness.

Managing Marketing for 6 Locations

DentalROI's unique approach ensures seamless marketing management across all 6 Universal Smiles locations:

  • Centralized Strategy: A unified vision ensures consistent branding and messaging across all platforms.
  • Local Customization: Localized content and targeting cater to specific needs of each location and its surrounding community.
  • Scalable Solutions: DentalROI's team and technology adapt to accommodate ongoing growth and expansion.

By combining these strategically executed tactics, DentalROI helped Universal Smiles transform their online presence, attract new patients, and achieve remarkable growth. If you're looking to replicate their success, contact DentalROI today and experience the power of specialist dental marketing!

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