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We have significantly improved the digital marketing efforts of Ballard Orthodontics and continue to work closely with Dr. Ballard and his office staff.

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

860%Increase in Page 1 Listings

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

317%Increase in Calls

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study

83New Google Reviews

Dr Smith Marketing Case Study
Spokane Dental Marketing Case Study

From Limited Reach to Ringing Phones: Dental Concepts & Orthodontics and DentalROI's Transformative Journey

Imagine experiencing a 317% increase in calls and witnessing your practice overflow with 18 new patients in just one month. For Dental Concepts & Orthodontics, this dream became reality thanks to their partnership with DentalROI. In March 2023, they faced the challenge of attracting more patients and amplifying their online presence. This case study delves into their remarkable journey, showcasing how DentalROI's comprehensive strategy transformed their website, boosted their search ranking, and optimized their call handling, ultimately leading to explosive growth and a thriving online presence. Read on to discover how DentalROI unlocked the hidden potential of Dental Concepts & Orthodontics, turning leads into loyal patients and phone calls into happy smiles!

The custom dental website we created looks great on all devices; desktop, tablet, or mobile. Custom photos really helped add personality to their site!

Dental Website Case Study
Dental Marketing Case Study for Dr. Jonathan Smith

Dental Concepts & Orthodontics: Transforming Smiles & Phone Rings with DentalROI

The Challenge

Dental Concepts & Orthodontics, known for their friendly environment and expert care, sought to amplify their online presence and attract more patients. In March 2023, they partnered with DentalROI, embarking on a journey to cultivate a thriving online presence.

The Solution

DentalROI implemented a comprehensive strategy encompassing:

  • Website Redesign: A complete website overhaul, optimized for local search with relevant dental keywords, showcased their fun-loving team through custom photography, creating a welcoming and informative online experience.
  • SEO Optimization: Targeted efforts to improve search engine ranking, resulting in a jump from 5 to 43 page-one listings for key dental terms, significantly increasing organic website traffic.
  • Google Ads Management: Strategic management of their $1,500 monthly budget, ensuring targeted ad placement and efficient lead generation.
  • Call Tracking & Analysis: Recording and analyzing Google Ads calls provided valuable insights into call handling effectiveness, enabling data-driven recommendations to improve conversion rates.
  • Monthly Reporting: Comprehensive reports detailed new patient acquisition, service inquiries, and identified areas for improvement in call handling, empowering informed decision-making.

The Results

The impact was dramatic:

  • Call Explosion: Monthly call volume skyrocketed from 48 in March 2023 to a remarkable 152 in January 2024, representing a 317% increase in just 10 months.
  • Organic Growth: Improved SEO yielded impressive results, with page-one listings surging by 860%, ensuring prominent online visibility for crucial search terms.
  • New Patient Pipeline: Data-driven strategies translated into new patient acquisition, with 18 new patients coming through the door in January 2024.
  • Optimized Call Handling: Call tracking and analysis led to actionable insights, empowering Dental Concepts & Orthodontics to refine their approach and maximize conversion rates.

Beyond Numbers

DentalROI's partnership goes beyond metrics. They provide:

    • Collaborative Approach: Working closely with Dental Concepts & Orthodontics to understand their goals and tailor strategies accordingly.
    • Transparent Communication: Regular updates and clear communication ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Strategic Guidance: Staying ahead of the curve in the digital landscape, advising on trends and implementing the latest best practices.

A Flourishing Partnership

Dental Concepts & Orthodontics and DentalROI's collaboration exemplifies the power of a strategic digital marketing approach. This partnership has transformed their online presence, generated a surge in calls and new patients, and positioned them for continued growth.

Ready to cultivate a thriving online presence and watch your phone ring more often? Contact DentalROI today and unlock the potential of your dental practice!

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